Saturday, January 31, 2015


I jumped back into the Beginning Ruby book and did some reading and work.  I created my first gem... a ridiculous small gem with one method that finds all the vowels in a string and puts them into an array.

I found this site coderbyte where there are coding challenges to do using one of several languages.  I started going through the first "easy" exercises in Ruby.  You get points based on how fast you submit a working solution then you can compare to other users' answers.  It's neat to see other people's solutions and how varied they are from each other.  The easy exercises have been harder than I expected... I like the challenge though.  It forces me to go and look up things in Ruby's API or get further clarification on things with stackoverflow.

My spouse is looking to expand his code knowledge from .NET/C# and is looking into learning the MEAN stack, particularly AngularJS.  Pretty cool to be sitting around the house and he's watching tutorials on AngularJS while I'm doing coding challenges on my laptop. :)