Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday's progress.

I did some more exercises in Shaw's Learn Ruby the Hard Way.  I'm on exercise 44: Inheritance vs. Composition.  There was a link in there to read Ruby Style Guide, so I read it too.

I started the Ruby path on Codeschool since I won a 3 month free subscription to it.  I already had done the Try Ruby and Rails for Zombies 1 tutorials.  So, I started back with Rails for Zombies 2 tutorial and I got through segment 4 of 5.  Got a little difficult for me after the third segment.  Hard to go through the exercises when you are more or less watching a video showing some rails techniques, but not actually coding through the app yourself as I thought I would be.  Videos jump around a lot.  Not sure I'm a fan.  Disappointing because I did like Rails for Zombies 1.