Thursday, December 4, 2014

Getting into a weekly routine.

Lately, I'm trying to establish a good weekday routine.  I like working at home, but feel less productive here and more distracted with the dogs around.
These two can be very distracting to have around.
So, I've been biking down to the main library.  I like it there.  Usually pretty peaceful.  I can get a solid block of time of studying in every day.  Only thing that I dislike is that bathroom isn't free to use!  But, still cheaper than going to coffee shop.  I make my own coffee and bring it with me.

Today, I finished up RubyMonk as best as I could.  I got through all the lessons/exercises and finished all the problems except for 3 of the 16.  I'm like 96% done.  I'm just stuck on a couple and staring at them does not help me understand them better.  I'm not giving up on them or Pine's Learn to Program book, just taking a little break from them and will come back to them when I get a little more experience under my belt.

I'm very itchy to do something more tangible with my coding than these CS brain teaser coding challenges I've been doing... I want to really build my first application!  So, I went ahead and signed up for One Month Rails.  I found a discount code and it was only $74 instead of $99.  Very,  very excited about this!  I went through the day 1 lessons tonight and will soldier on with this tomorrow.  If anyone is interested, here is a link to the discounted price.

I can't believe I've been coding for 3 weeks.  I'm looking forward to see what my progress brings in the rest of this month.