Monday, December 8, 2014

Progress Update for last friday and the weekend....

Last Friday:

  • Worked through Day 2 - 6 of One Month Rails tutorial.  I created my new project folder in rails, created a new home page, & setup the new root path in routes.rb file.  
  • I did get bogged down a bit with section on Git.  The tutorial was spot on, no problems with it, but I decided to go back into a project that I had already added to github but hadn't tracked in git locally and made a mess of it!  After tooling around for an 1.5 hr I finally got it sorted.  And, in the process, I went through a couple of git tutorials and lots of searching on stackoverflow.
  • Also, in browsing twitter feed, I found out about Meteor and started looking into it.  It seems really cool and I want to check it out further.  I dl'd it and started going through their intro tutorial before I got too tired to concentrate anymore for the night.  Will look at it again soon.
The Weekend:
  • No progress made.  I took the weekend off.  I spent time with my partner.  On Sunday, we took the train down to Brussels, Belgium to go to the big Christmas market there.