Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday's Progress

Slow progress.  I'm now in chapter 10 of Chris Pine's Learn to Program and I'm hitting the dreaded steep learning curve that I've seen mentioned in reviews of the book.  Exercises and topics are getting harder as the tasks require more complex solutions.  Currently I'm letting my brain recover from learning about recursion.

So, slow progress today.  Instead of getting frustrated, I took a break and looked at the Odin Project - seems like another great learning resource - and started going through some of its tutorials/readings to give my brain a rest from Ruby. I tried to talk through some stuff with my spouse, but I sometimes think it's difficult for him to explain things and think through questions like I need him to since he *gets it* and I don't get it yet.  I'm going to look at the epicodus Ruby coursework and some other online resources to find out more info on working through these lessons on recursion.

I finished off today by reading some inspirational coding blog posts like these one:

I find it's best for me when I don't get something is to step away and let my brain think about it offline for a little bit.  Then, come in fresh and usually I can then understand things clearer.