Sunday, February 8, 2015

Progress update

I started Hartl's Rails Tutorial.  I was originally just going to do the free online book, but saw a deal for the ebook, solution manual and all the screencasts for $49 so I got that.  I started it on Thursday.  I am on Chapter 2 working on the second app project in the book, a simple microblogging site.  Work on the book may slow down considerably as I found a full-time internship!

I accepted an internship position in Amsterdam for Ruby on Rails.  First 3 months are internship, then regular employee after that.    It's going to be an adjustment commuting to A'dam every day (1.5hr each way).  Hoping I can use the commute to study Dutch.  Mondays are going to be the roughest day since I have Dutch class at night.  Will be a long day for me and the dogs at home.  I'm most worried about the dogs adjusting again to me being away from home during the day for such a long time.  Hopefully they will adjust quickly and not bark during the day.

I'm excited for the future.