Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wednesday's Progress

I'm taking a short break from working on Rails projects to go back to learn more Ruby.  As I am gaining a better understanding of the Rails framework, I need to go back and get really solid on Ruby.  I think I'll understand it better now since I've been building stuff with Rails.  I started reading Beginning Ruby by Peter Cooper (while I was getting my hair done).  I am also working through Codeacademy's Ruby course at home.  It's going good!  Definitely breezing through it so far, whew.  I'm glad to find that I've understood more Ruby than I thought.

I finished reading Practicing Rails by J. Weiss this morning.  I enjoyed it since the book is kind of like a pep talk to keep you going when you are starting out doing Rails and following tutorials...but its not worth it at its current price of 29$.  I think the price was too much for what the book offered.

I also downloaded Sublime Text 2.  I've been using Atom (free) since I started coding and originally setup my dev environment, but I want to try out what else is out there.  I customized the theme and font and some other options.  Looking forward to trying it out more.

I'm still debating the online bootcamps.  I emailed Tealeaf to see if they've had any success stories/students from the Netherlands and they didn't know of any.  That was kinda disappointing for me.  The core problem I have with the online bootcamps (besides the high cost) is getting the relevant mentorship that is going to help me get a job HERE.  I'm ambitious; I have no problem putting in the hard work and to get better at this stuff.  Yesterday, I stumbled upon a possible jr dev/internship position which I am extremely interested in, and I've applied for it... this would really be the ideal situation for me, but I will just have to wait and see.