Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Not coding related, but useful for my future in the Netherlands...

I started a dutch language course last night!  It's a course for expats, once a week 3hrs in class + 1hr outside class, for 20 weeks (~5months).  I'm excited.  I've been waiting for this course to begin for a few months now.

There are some really cheap, good state sponsored programs, but our visas prevent us from taking that one. The private languages schools are expensive.  But this course is still costly but cheaper than a private school.  Unfortunately, I guess they assume with highly skilled migrant visa that you'll be making really high salaries and can afford a private course (or you don't care about learning dutch and get by with English), but with only my husband working at the moment, that is not the case.

I should be up to a A2 level afterwards and then can continue to learn and prep for the Inburgerings exam - what we will eventually need to do for pursuing permanent residency in the Netherlands.  I want to get to at least a B2 level, although near fluency would be amazing.  Learning dutch should definitely help when I look for jobs here, at least I will be able to communicate somewhat.