Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More Progress, learning more OOP Ruby.

As I hit more advance topics in beginner ruby such as OOP, learning speed slows down drastically.  I have to slow down and absorb.  Did a little Learn Ruby the Hard Way, but kinda stalled, so switched over to reading Tealeaf Academy's Object Oriented Programming in Ruby online book.  I think these online books they have posted up for free use are good and concise little tutorials with good exercises at the end of each section. This helped me think through some concepts.  What might look like jumping around and taking a while to finish 1 book, is actually me going to other sources to figure things out, rather than keep going and not really understanding a concept.

Studied while listening to old indie music I haven't listened to in years: Of montreal, wolf parade, Tapes 'n tapes, sunset rubdown, karl blau...  It was awesome!

I am also trying to take time every day to work on my Dutch studies too.  I went to Dutch class on Monday and felt terrible because I hadn't really taken any time during the week to look over anything.  I am making it a point to go over vocab and do the online exercises every day.  It's the only way I can hope to train my ear and mouth to speak better dutch.  Class wasn't cheap, so I want to get the most out of each session.