Monday, January 26, 2015

Final pre-course work challenges finished! Foobar + temp conversion challenges.

As part of thefirehose project's pre-work course, there is a foobar challenge.  Although I know my solution needs refactoring, it's pretty cool to be able to get out a working solution for this in < 5 mins in Ruby.  I remember doing this challenge when I started coding two months ago and it took me hours and I had to *cheat* and look for hints online (I did it in jQuery instead of Ruby then).  Understanding the logic and for/while loops is so much better now!

The last challenge of the pre-course work was to make a temperature converter for C to F.  Easy.  Done in a couple minutes. The bonus 2nd part of this challenge was to allow user input (already did it for previous challenge) and make it convert both ways.  This was a little trickier because I needed to use regex to extract the integer and the unit for an input string like 32F or 101C.  But I did it.  Maybe not the prettiest solution, but it works!

So, I'm done with thefirehose project pre-course work now.  So I'm pretty much ready to go for either Tealeaf or thefirehose project bootcamps.