Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 8 finished + holiday weekend!

I finished my 8th internship week!  Time is going by fast!

I worked on some new tests and features for the main app project.  I struggled with the proper setup of a cucumber (+capybara+poltergeist) test for 2 forms that are submitted using JS instead of ruby.  I figured out how to get the test to test the JS functionality and pass the individual tests, but then it was breaking a couple other tests in my full test suite.  I then adjusted my test env to run the database cleaner between each test and, voila, it was fixed!  I still am unclear how there the carryover of the @javascript notation for those scenarios were breaking the other tests, but this solution fixed it.

I am also getting more familiar with working on an api within an app.  I struggled a little bit this week with changing a feature on the api.  With everything I work on, it seems the list of stuff to learn gets longer and longer.  It's really amazing the possibilities of what you can build in Ruby on Rails.  I feel like I'm only just learning what is possible with Ruby on Rails and it's both overwhelming (most of the time) but, also, very exciting and motivates me to learn more (all of the time)!  :-)

I am still working through Hartl's Rails Tutorial.  I'm currently on Chapter 10.  I am going back and re-reading some sections from the past couple of chapters on creating user sessions and cookies.  I feel I didn't understand all of that discussion, so I'm trying to look back at some material before continuing on.  I bought the railscasts with the tutorial, so I'm taking the time to watch through those.  I hadn't been watching them, but after watching one on the signup procedure, I found it super useful to get Hartl's commentary as he worked through adding features.  I am going to work on watching more of the screencasts this week particularly the sections on user sessions and cookies.