Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Week 3 of internship...

I'm in the third week of my apprenticeship.  I'm getting used to the commute every day back and forth to Amsterdam.  It's getting better... I'm coming home with more energy.  In the morning, people are so stressed out.  I try to stay out of others way, I don't care about pushing through everyone to get some specific seat on the train/etc.  I try to stay calm, not sweat stuff, and I usually study dutch on my phone using the Memrise app.  In the 3 weeks I've been commuting, I've learned ~375 dutch words using the app.  It's a great way to work on learning vocabulary every day with minimal effort.

Mondays are still the worst since I have the dutch course in the evening, but I'm managing.  I've even had energy the last 2 evenings to get back into doing yoga when I get home!  Very happy about that.  With the daylight increasing incremently everyday, I'm hopeful I can start going out for evening jogs a couple times during the week once it stays light enough for me to feel comfortable doing so.

I've pretty much finished up the bloccit app in the bloc foundations course.  I've started getting my feet wet with real project work with some (very) small testing tasks to work on.  I even did my first pull request for a real project today.