Thursday, January 8, 2015

Week's progress

Continuing to toil away this week.   Lots of frustration and thoughts of "will i ever be successful at this???", but I continue to power on.

  1. Finished up Jumpstart Lab's Blogger tutorial on Tuesday
  2. I worked through Envy Lab's Rails for Zombies on Wednesday and Thursday
  3. I did the Railsbridge's Suggestotron tutorial WITHOUT the use of scaffolding.  In this tutorial, I build an app that you can add topics and then, upvote vote them and it displays the number of total votes.  I tried to hand write as much code as possible to help me work and get better with my stupid little errors I make in my ruby code.  I was pretty proud that I decided to do the tutorial with as little references to the tutorial as possible and I didn't use the automagical scaffolding generation.
  4. I even figured out some of the 'extra credit' topics, including adding downvoting ability to the app to go along with the upvoting.  And I sorted the topics descending by the # of votes for each topic.
Don't know what I will work on tomorrow.  Start Hartl's Rails tutorial??  I was thinking of doing the Rubyslist app again, but try to figure it out a lot on my own.  So many resources to choose from!  I've been thinking about app ideas too for the future.